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Dr. Roger Kritzer can help your sciatic nerve problems.
For your sciatic nerve problems, see Dr. Roger Kritzer of Marion Chiropractic Center in Fairmont.

Your sciatic nerve is actually the widest and longest nerve in your entire body. It runs down your lower back to your buttock and into your lower leg. Because of this, when you have sciatic nerve problems may experience pain in legs, hips and even the soles of your feet. While people in all ages can experience sciatica, it's mostly an issue for people between 30 and 50 years old. Unlike other kinds of pain issues, sciatica isn't the result of injury, but rather ‘wear and tear’ of the lower spine. The good news is there is relief available.


For sciatic nerve problems, call 304-816-4614.

Sciatic Nerve Treatment

Although treatment plans may vary, chiropractic care offers a drug-free, non-invasive option. Chiropractors restore spinal movement, which improves the function of your limbs while decreasing inflammation and pain. Some of the added methods may include hot and cold therapy, ultrasound, diet, exercises and spinal adjustments. I'm Dr. Roger Kritzer of Marion Chiropractic Center in Fairmont. For years, I've helped patients dealing with sciatic nerve problems. Let's discuss your possible case. Simply call or e-mail me today to get started.